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IWR Art Links For 11/05/2007

Uemura Shoen - (1875-1949) [Bio] via Tea Time
Uemura Shoen is one of my favorite Japanese artists of all time.

Uemura Shoen
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Anna May Wong Cards
I don't know who was more beautiful during the silent era Anna May Wong or Louise Brooks.


Anna May Wong
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Willy Pogany
I love the details, colors and tints in his illustrations.

American Weekly, Rumpelstiltskin (1947)

American Weekly, Temptaions of Ulysses: Sirens (1948)

[ ]



The Resident

I (Heart)
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Decorated and Decorative Paper Collection via Scout

Vintage 19th c. marbled paper, Bouquet pattern
[ ]

Urgent Alchemy: The Art of Claudia Drake via Glubibulga

Mandy (2005)
[ ]

Karl Kwasny via Malanda

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