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IWR Music Videos For 10/01/2007

XTC - Senses Working Overtime (1982) [Lyrics] [Bio]
This is one of my favorite 80's New Wave bands.  These guys are excellent musicians and song writers and are often compared favorably with The Beatles.  I think their best album was Skylarking.  Here are more of my favorites from YouTube: Dear God, Generals And Majors (Live), The Meeting Place, Respectable Street and Making Plans for Nigel.

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The Stranglers - Duchess [Lyrics] [Bio]
This is another one of my favorite 80's New Wave bands.  Here's some of my favorite songs from YouTube: Peaches - Live (1978), No More Heroes, Get a Grip On Yourself, Golden Brown, Strange Little Girl Straighten Out, Walk On By, Always the Sun, Skin Deep and No Mercy.

The Stranglers
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Devo - Beautiful World
I had not seen this Devo video before.  It kind of fits our Modern Times.

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Jewel "Good Day" [Lyrics] [Bio]
I think I like this woman.

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Evanescence - Lithium [Lyrics] [Bio]
Not bad at all, but a little on Gothic side.

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Tito Puente - Mambo Birdland [Bio 1923-2000]
I needed a pick-me-up after Lithium, and the late great Tito Puente fills the bill.

Tito Puente
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