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IWR Videos For 10/22/2007

Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come [Bio 1948-] [Lyrics]
Jimmy Cliff from the movie The Harder They ComeSitting in Limbo is also one of my favorite songs from the movie/album.

Jimmy Cliff
[ ]

Blue October - Hate Me [Lyrics]
I almost get tears in my eyes when I hear this song.  I also like Into the Ocean by these guys too.

Blue October
[ ]

Blonde Redhead - Equus
I liked this video.  Doesn't this song sound remind you of that old psychedelic song Pictures of Matchstick Men by the Status Quo?

Blonde Redhead
[ ]

Bill Maher - New Rules

Bill Maher
[ ]

Daily Show on Matt Lauer's Interview Larry "Wide Stanch" Craig

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Steven Colbert Interviews Dennis Kucinich

Stephen Colbert
[ ]

Comedian Orny Adams on Bush: "Does He Have An Exit Strategy for The White House?"

Orny Adams
[ ]

Arianna on Countdown Discussing Rush Limbaugh And The GOP
Limbaugh sucks big time.

Keith Olbermann
[ ]

Japanís Best Butt!!
Yes, I know this about as frivolous as things get.  That said if you are interested in some stills, check out Big in Japan: The best butts in East Asia.  She does have a nice bum as the Brits say.

Japan's #1 Buttocks!
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