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IWR Videos For 10/15/2007

Patti Smith Group - Because The Night (1978) [Lyrics]
The Patti Smith Group live in 1978 playing their biggest commercial hit "Because the Night".  She was great back then, and she still is today.

Patti Smith - Easter
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Mel Blanc on David Letterman (1981) [Bio 1908-89]
This is a great interview with the wonderful man behind the voice that brought to life all of those classic Tex Avery cartoons at Warner Brothers during the Golden Age of Hollywood animation.

Mel Blanc (1976)
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Charles Bukowski - Dinosauria, We [Poem] [Bio 1920-94]
Unlike DweebSpace, YouTube is truly revolution in its simplicity and ability to provide a diverse selection of videos that would otherwise be unavailable and remain unknown.  These Charles Bukowski videos demonstrate why YouTube is of historical importance, because now potentially anyone can be heard and seen.  YouTube is the Internet's new street corner.

Charles Bukowski and Friend
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Daily Show: US forgets past atrocities in exchange for help in the war on terror
Jon asks Condi, what  exactly it is that we are trying to accomplish in Iraq?

Jon Stewart
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Bill Maher, RealTime: New Rules 10-12-2007
Bill Maher at his best over the stupid and phony lapel pin business.

Bill Maher
[ ]

Lewis Black on Lapel Pins
Lewis Black also ways in on the lapel pin fiasco.

Lewis Black
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Mill of the Stone Women (1960) - Trailer [Review]
This is pretty kitschy cinema which is representative of early 60's horror films, where all the women were well endowed.

Mill of the Stone Women (1960)
[ ]

Seagull Doritos Thief
Power to the Seagulls! ;-)

Said Seagull
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