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IWR Videos For 10/01/2007

 Oh, Really? The Daily Show examines the dining experience at Sylvias
TDS skewers the #1 asshat in America Bill O'Reilly over Mr. Falafel's racist remarks.

#1 Asshat in the USA
[ ]

Bill Mahers - New Rules
Bill really reams the pharmaceutical industry in his commentary.

Bill Maher
[ ]

One More Time For The Childrens
David Letterman covers Bush's latest gaff.

David Letterman
[ ]

Real Time: Who Really Called Rudy..?

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!
[ ]

The Wrd on Health Care
Also, Check out Indecision 2008: Giuliani.

Stephen Colbert
[ ]

Daily Show Back in Black: Fake Vets
Lewis Black covers fake vets.

Lewis Black
[ ]

My God! Dick Cheney Was Right!
Dick Cheney explains why we didn't take Saddam Hussein out in 1992.

Dick Cheney
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