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IWR Art Links For 10/22/2007

Virginia Frances Sterrett - Arabian Nights [Bio 1900-1931]
These are wonderful illustrations by a woman whose life was cut short by tuberculosis.  In addition to Arabian Nights, I found these two scanned books Old French Fairy Tales and Tanglewood Tales by the artist.

Scheherazade Went on with Her Story

The Princess Morgiana Danced with Much Grace

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Camilla d'Errico [Bio]
These are great Betty Boop/Anime eyed subject illustrations.  I want one or two!

[ ]

Yanobe Kenji
I liked to see one of this dude's exhibitions.  Giant Torayan (below) is remote controlled so children can make him breath fire! 

The Fire Breathing Giant Torayan
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Matthew Laznicka
I think Matthew's illustrations are way underpriced considering his talent.  Buy one of his paintings and then perhaps he'll eat, drink and be merry tonight! ;-)

Maya 2002
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Gerard Daran
Here are some surrealist beauties from Gerard Daran.

L Illustioniste
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Ink Blotters (Blort)

Blue Monday (1939)
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