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IWR Art Links For 10/15/2007

Xi Pan
I blogged Xi Pan about two years ago, but her artwork keeps looking better and better to me over time.  Please click on the images below for the large scans to see how beautifully detailed and colorful her oil paintings really are.

Memory (2005)

Nu Couche (2005)
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Frank Xavier Leyendecker [Bio 1877-1924]
Frank Xavier was a great American illustrator during the golden age of magazine covers.

Collier's, "The Dragon Painter" (1905)

Life, "Rivals" (1921)
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Akane Koide
This budding 15 year-old Superflat artist is very talented.

Lonely Queen
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Pierre Jutand
I liked the painting below.

"La Parisienne"
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Namio Harukawa NSFW  More Spam-free images
This dude is really into female dominance art (femdom).  I wish he would have created some non-bondage pinups of his idealized women.  He really is really a good artist.

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Hans Baldung [Bio 1480-1545 WebMuseum (via Little Hokum Rag)
Fascinating artwork.

Three Ages of the Woman
and the Death (1510)

Eve, Serpent and Death (1512)

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Gallery of Vintage Mandobabes (via Blort)
These mandobabes are kinda naughty.

A Real Mandolin Hottie!
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Majorettes (via PCL)
Cute, Cute, Cute!

I Think I'm in Love!
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Teh Holiez Bibul (b3ta)
The lolcat bible translation project. Below is a lolcat example, just in case, like me, you weren't aware of this Internet phenomena.

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