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Yoko Kanno on YouTube

Yoko Kanno - Escaflowne (Opening) [Bio]
The opening music for the best anime series ever - Escaflowne was written by the lovely and talented composer Yoko Kanno.  I met Yoko briefly at an autograph session at Anime Expo in 1999.  She was wearing the same straw hat (below). She also performed (she played the piano) at the convention.  I had kind of forgot about her, but then I started looking for her anime clips on YouTube.  Here's a sampling of what I found:  Voices from Macross Plus AMV, Ghost in the Shell (Opening), Please Save My Earth (Ending), Wolf's Rain (Ending), Seatbelts - LiveCowboy Bebop (Opening) and Sharon Apple Concert From Macross Plus.

Yoko Kanno

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