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IWR Videos For 09/24/2007

Screamin Jay Hawkins' - I Put A Spell On You [Lyrics] [Bio 1929-2000]
This is a great and funny video of the late great Screamin' Jay Hawkins.  Whenever I hear this song, it also reminds me of one of my favorite Movies Stranger Than Paradise by Jim Jarmusch.

Screamin' Jay Hawkins & Friend
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Cesaria Evora - Angola [Lyrics] [Bio 1941]
Nicked named the "Barefoot Diva", Cape Verdean morna singer Cesaria Evora is truly of the best female singers of our time.  She has one of the smoothest voices that I've heard since Billy Holiday.

Cesaria Evora
[ ]

Yoko Ono "Cut Piece" 1965
I had never seen video before.  It is really quite amazing to see Yoko Ono during one her great live art performances.  She's definitely one of kind!

Yoko Ono's "Cut Piece" (1965)
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Gang Of Four - To Hell With Poverty (TV Live) [Lyrics] [Bio]
This is my favorite song by these guys.  Here are some other videos on YouTube: Damaged Goods, Cadillac, What We All Want, Anthrax and their most commercial song - Is It Love.

Gang of Four
[ ]

Pink - Dear Mr. President [Lyrics] [Bio] (via Crooks and Liars)
Great song to the worst president in US history.

[ ]

Dub's Disconnect
Jon Stewart on Bush, Nelson Mandela and health care.

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Bill Maher - New Rules
Bill rants on trophy kissing, Phil Specter, Junk Email, Bush's Lips and Religious tests.

Bill Maher
[ ]

Sally Field - Emmy Acceptance Speech Uncensored and Kathy Griffin
These two great ladies gave the Rupert Murdochs' Nazi censors heartburn.  Sally Field is looking pretty good too!

Sally Field
[ ]

Naomi Wolf
This is an interesting Stephen Colbert interview with author Naomi Wolf, who thinks America is heading towards fascism.

Naomi Wolf
[ ]

Destroy All Monsters (1968) trailer
"We are here to make you our slaves!"  This is a wonderful Japanese sci-fi movie trailer!

[ ]

Spike Jones featuring Wilbur Hall - Pop Goes the Weasel
Too Funny.

Wilbur Hall
[ ]

Yet another of those YouTube moments: The historical connection between pink and your pinky.

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