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IWR Videos For 09/17/2007

Falco - Der Kommisar (1981) [Lyrics] [Bio 1957-1998]
I always liked Falco.  He was sort of a German version of rapping Brian Ferry.  He definitely had some big hits in the early 80s.  No Time for Revolution was released posthumously, and I thought it was one of his better numbers.  He definitely died to young. Some of his other hits were: Auf Der Flucht (Live), Rock Me Amadeus, Emotional, Ganz Wien, Jeanny, Nachtflug and Out Of The Dark.

Lip-synching on Italian TV
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A Cunning Plan
This is a great set of links to YouTube video clips of some of Rowan Atkinson's (Mr. Bean) best performances.  I really liked Amazing Jesus, Conservative Conference and Smut.

Rowan Atkinson
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The Royal We - All The Rage
I like this band.  They definitely have a good sense of humor.  Also, there is an America comedy sketch group called "The Royal We" too.

The Royal We
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Dream Big
John Hoogman reveals Monkey Pants' 8 Keys to Success, with this biting satirical sketch.

John Hoogman
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Jon Stewart Tears Apart Petraeusí Dog and Pony Show
Jon Stewart skewers Patraeus.  Also, check out How Nucking Futs Is Holy Joe Lieberman?

Jon Stewart
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Bill Maher - New Rules
Bill covers 9/11 conspiracy theories and breast feeding in public.

Bill Maher
 [ ]

A Table for One
Stephen Colbert covers Mother Theresa's recent revelations.

Stephen Colbert
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Naughty Stewardesses and The Babysitter trailers
Two cheesy smutty movie trailers that I found by accident on YouTube.

The Naughty Stewardesses
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