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IWR Art Links For 09/24/2007

Note: I ran out of time, so my notes are even more terse than usual.

Jia Juan Li
There are wonderful paintings.  More paintings here.

La pause
 [ ]

Vibrant Visions
I love these pochoir prints.

George Barbier Illustration (1914)
 [ ]

Fabbio Fabbi (1861-1946)
I like many of these Orientalist style paintings.  I wish I understood more about and what motivated this movement.

The Blue Veil
 [ ]

Hiroki Mafuyu

No English Title
 [ ]

Maurycy Gomulicki (Bibi's box)
There is a lot of great photos here.  I found the beauty below under pinups.

Cherry Blossoms
 [ ]

Greg Gossel

Terror / 4
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