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IWR Art Links For 09/17/2007

Emily Carr [Bio 1871-1945] (via Scout)
This collection of artwork on First Nations cultures of British Columbia by Canadian Post-Impressionist painter Emily Carr is simply wonderful.  I love the colors and of course the amazing subject matter, e.g., totem poles and buildings.

Totem Poles, Kitseukla, (1912) Three Totems (1929-30)

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Christian Schad [Bio 1894-1982]
"His work is known for its depiction of 1920s Weimar cafe culture. It contains a frank depiction of sexuality and apparent liberality, but its figures have a cold, sharp demeanor, obviously still affected by the war."

Maika (1929) Im Irisgarten (1968)

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Ekaterina Moré [Bio]
She has a very interesting an unique sexy-cute style, and I would take one of her little nymph paintings any day! 

Liegende (2006)
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David Bromley
I like these paintings too.  More images here.

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Surreal Vintage Fairy Cards

Tossing up the Rainbow Bubbles (1926)
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U M E S H I Z U (via Tea Time)
This is a beautiful picture of a geisha getting her wings or should I say wig. 

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