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Art Links For 09/03/2007

Forugh Farrokhzad [Bio 1935-67]
I was looking for more Persian female images like the one I found below when I ran into this Iranian Women Poets site.  When I read the passionate poem below by Forugh Farrokhzad, I became an immediate fan.  I wonder how many potential female artists in Islamic fundamentalist countries are prevented from or afraid of expressing their individuality because of the obnoxious Chauvinism of these religious zealot scumbags that are in control in the Middle East.

"The Song of Beauty", Rebellion

In the silence of the temple of desire

I am lying beside your passionate body;

My kisses have left their marks on your shoulders

Like fiery bites of a snake.

Forugh Farrokhzad
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Hasht-Behesht Palace Painting
I was searching Google for "Beauty", and I found this image in Wikipedia.  Search as I might, I couldn't find out anything more about this wonderful work of Iranian art before the current dark era of Islamic fundamentalism.

Hasht-Behesht Palace Painting
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Lovis Corinth [Bio 1858-1925]  Wikimedia Commons
German painter Lovis Corinth synthesized Impressionism and Expressionism to create his unique and wonderful style. 

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Josef Fenneker [Bio 1895-1956]
I really couldn't find out much about this German Expressionist Illustrator.  Fortunately, his colorful style speaks for itself.  His posters are great!

Josef Fenneker Posters
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Ken's Place - Kintaro-beya
A couple of weeks ago, I posted a few prints that I had got recently from eBay.  A reader then sent me a link to photo's of his impressive woodblock print collection and furniture in his house.  The Art Deco lamp and table in Ken's Sudoku room are very nice indeed.  I also like his print of the Bodhidharma by Yoshitoshi.  He's got a lot cool stuff.

Ken's Sudoku Room
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Tangerine House - Mako Rigeru
I like these colorful geisha paintings.

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