Dick "Uncle Fester" Cheney - Parody News Cartoon

Cheney To Have His Gusset Plate Reinforced


WASHINGTON (IWR Parody News) - White House spokesperson Tony Snow announced today that on Saturday Vice-President Dick Cheney will undergo surgery at George Washington Hospital to reinforce the loose gusset plate on the VP's forehead. 

Doctors and White House welders became concerned after a similar faulty gusset was thought responsible for the recent bridge collapse in Minnesota.  Other symptoms include: Cheney's head revolving completely around as he spits a stream of green pea soup, and Tesla-like sparks being emitted from the sides of the gusset plate suggesting that a failure could be imminent. 

Doctors worry that if the gusset plate fails, the evil homunculus inside Cheney's skull could escape and rein havoc on the world at large. 

Tony Snow pointed out that the last time the homunculus escaped it tried to overthrow the government by conducting a Beerhouse Putsch at the local Hooters.

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