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Art Links For 08/13/2007

My Woodblock Prints
I've recently picked a couple of woodblock prints on eBay from the Robert Mueller collection.  I only wish I could afford to be the originals, but these 70 year old prints are the next best thing.

Wife of Dembi by Utamaro

Koshigaya in Musashi Province
Series; Thirty-Six Views of Fuji by Hiroshige
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Les Maîtres de l'Affiche
Masters of the poster was a monthly publication containing the reproduction of the "most beautiful illustrated posters of the major artists of the period that was published by Chaix Printing Works from 1896 to 1900.  I know I've posted turn of the century posters before from the NYPL, but this is a special published set.  Here are a couple of posters that I thought were outstanding.

Paul Berthon

René Péan
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William Merritt Chase [Bio 1849-1916] Wikimedia
The America impressionist painter William Merritt Chase was also a mentor of my favorite American artist Edward Hooper.  Chase was very prolific and like Van Gogh was also influenced by Japanese artwork.  Here are two images that I caught my eye today.  What's your favorite Chase painting?

Portrait of a Lady (1890)

The Model (1987-88)
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