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IWR Videos For 07/30/2007

Bill Maher: The Decider Part 1 of 8
This is an excellent and recent performance by one of the best standup comedians and social commentators of our times - Bill Maher.  Be advised the language is pretty coarse and may be unsuitable for younger or more sensitive people.  However, I almost laughed till I cried watching all eight segments.  Great and Brilliant material!

Bill Maher on Stage
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Devilishly Sweet Dionysos video
This French animation and music are quite charming.  Excellent!

Dionysos Music Animated by Joann Sfar
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"I Lived on the Moon" Video Clip by Yannick Puig (MF)
I'm a sucker for well made animations like this one.

Yannick Puig
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Simon & Garfunkel on Letterman (2003)
Simon and Garfunkel sing "America" live on David Letterman.  These guys are great.  Also, check out the duo singing the Sounds of Silence back in the 60's.  Their music and lyrics are just as relevant today as they ever were.

Simon and Garfunkel
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George W. Bush, Expert?
Jon Stewart reams Mr. Chimps and his toadies for not being accountable for anything except their own BS!

Jon Stewart 
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Fats Waller - Aint Misbehavin' 1943
I hadn't seen this particular clip of Fats Waller before.  It's great.  He's one of my favorite singers and composers.

Fats Waller
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Arnold Schwarzenegger as President!
What a hideous thought!

[ ]

Guys and Dolls (Waxy)
This video about guys, who have affairs with life sized dolls, is oddball odd, as Captain Beefheart might say.  It's just too freaking weird even for me.  I could only watch about two minutes before it lowered my blood sugar to dangerous levels.

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