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IWR Videos For 07/16/2007

Grace Chang - Jaja Jambo [Bio 1934]
Grace Chang or Ge Lan was a Hong Kong singer and movie star in the 1950s and early 60s.  From these video clips, you can see just how talented and beautiful she was during her heyday.  She's one hell of a singer.  I've never heard Chinese sound so melodic in the Western sense.  I hope Netflix gets a few of her movies. 

Grace Chang - The Mambo Queen
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Beer Beer Beer
Is there a more important or relevant topic?

Beer! Beer! Beer!
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Bill Moyers’ Roundtable On Impeachment Of Bush & Cheney
I saw this on Friday night and though it was a very well reasoned argument for impeaching Bush.  It's not about getting even with the republicans, but it is all about restoring integrity to our system of government.  Modern conservatism for years has bludgeoned government so eventually it install an imperial strong man Mussolini like presidency.  However, there is no place for a dictator or an imperial president, who thinks he is above the law.  It's time to pull in Bush and Cheney's chain!

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Worst Person in the Universe
BTW, here is the video of the Christian extremists disrupting the Hindu Chaplin's Senate invocation.

No!!! Not Again!
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Bush Sees Progress in Iraq

The Smegbag-In-Chief
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A Mark Fiore animation.

Bush at Kamp Kanwinit
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