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Art Links For 07/30/2007

Pierre-Auguste Renoir and ARG Gallery [Bio  1841-1919]
I've always admired the French Impressionist painter Renoir.  I love his colors, tints and especially his wonderful rendering of the female figure.  You can tell that he loves women and girls by how well he captures their feminine essence.  Renoir was also very prolific and an inspiration in that he kept painting and creating art until the end of his long life.  He had severe rheumatoid arthritis and had to have his brushes strapped to his hands.  Below are two of my favorites.  What is your favorite Renoir painting?

Girls at the Piano (1892)

The Bathers (1887)
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Gustave Courbet [Bio 1819-1877]
Gustave Courbet lead the French Realism movement.  I'm sure he also raised more than a few Victorian eyebrows with some of his erotic paintings.

Woman with a Parrot (1866)
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Japonisme - Bathing Beauties
This is a nice of set of images for Midsummer Nights Dream.  Lotusgreen also has another set here.

Illustration by Charles Robinson
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Vintage Geisha Photos from Tinafish_03 (Tea Time)
This is an interesting collection of vintage Geisha pictures.

Maiko with a Parasol (1920s)
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