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Art Links For 07/16/2007

Moira Hahn
I blogged Moira's work a few years back.  I liked her work then, but I think her work has even gotten better since.  I love how she infuses cats and parrots into classic Japanese and Chinese imagery.  She has a great imagination and sense of humor too.

A Three Hour Tour (detail) - 2006
Double Trouble II - 2005

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Anne-François-Louis Janmot (1814-1892)
This French painter was admired by the great symbolist painter Odilon Redon. The painting below is my favorite work of his.  I especially love the color of the setting sun.

The Poem of the Soul - One Evening
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Liang Li Qiang
Liang Li is very talented Chinese painter and sculpture.

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Irina Davis (Bibi's)
What a stunning beautiful woman Alenushka is below.

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Gatochy's Favorites via (Art Deco)
What a great print!  But is that the moon or sun?

Marjorie Miller - Spring's Promise (1920s)
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The Abduction Lamp (Geisha)
I got to get one of these lamps!!!!

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