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Art Links For 07/02/2007

Lin Fengmian [Bio 1900-1991] Archive
His innovative blending of traditional Chinese and Western painting styles made him one of the true great artists of the 20th century. Unfortunately, those Maoist bastards destroyed most of his great works and imprisoned Lin during the infamous Cultural Revolution in the 1960s.

Seated Woman (1886)
In the Met Museum
Beauty Play Musical Instrument Birds in Autumn

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Cui Xiuwen [1970]  
I just love her art photography!  Power to the new generation of women artists in China!

Angel #4 (2006)

Sanjie (2003)
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Herbert James Draper [Bio 1863-1920] Wikimedia Commons  (via Little Hokum Rag)
I really like these Neoclassical painters like Draper.  The tints, subject matter and composition in his Pearls of Aphrodite below are absolutely stunning!  BTW, those Neoclassical dudes really had a fixation on red hair though. ;-)

Pearls of Aphrodite
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Shiori Matsumoto [1973] (via Neurastenia)
I blogged Shiori's work three years ago because I thought her paintings wer outstanding.  I still do!

Peony Lantern (2007)
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I like these.

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Bread Wrappers (via Bedazzled)
Bamby bread?

Bamby Bread
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Colonel Sanders in Japan Costume Shocker

Colonel Sanders Cools Off In His Summer Kimono
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