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Gerda Wegener

Gerda Wegener [Bio 1886-1940] NSFW
Gerda Wegener (no relationship to Alfred Lothar Wegener) was a Danish illustrator and painter, who must have driven the Victorians completely insane.  For example, Gerda's transvestite husband Einar Wegener ("Lili" in drag) became her favorite model for many of her paintings and illustrations for magazines like Vogue.  Eventually, Einar really became Lili in the first publicly known sex change operations in the world. That aside, I wish someone would create a decent archive of her wonderful artwork.  I think the Madonna painting below shows what a talented  and unusual artist she was, but I also find fascinating her erotic art alluring as well.

Madonna (1935)

Erotic Picture 1 Erotic Picture 1

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