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IWR Video Links For 06/18/2007

The Monterey International Pop Festival 1967
It was forty years ago that the "Year of Love" was jumpstarted with this historic rock concert was held in my old stomping grounds of Monterey California (I lived in Pacific Grove in the 1990's). Anyway, this is a fascinating collection Monterey Pop performances listed by artist, e.g., Hendrix, Paul Butterfield, Otis Redding with links to YouTube.  Great Stuff!

Monterey Pop Festival Poster (1967)
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Dave Letterman interviews Michael Moore on his new movie "Sicko" which is scheduled to be released on June 29th at a theatre near you.  It's time we provided universal health care to all of citizens like they do in most other countries.  It's also time to clean up the disgusting pharmaceutical industry while we're at it too!

David Letterman
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The Daily Show: Arming the Sunnis or "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." and The Daily Show catches Tony Snow Lying
It's amazing the how little the Media analyzes the talking points that are being fed it by the Bush administration.  You'd think they'd get hip after nearly 7 years of lies?  On the other hand, it looks like these media people are really just hand puppets for Big Business.  Thank god for Daily Show!

Jon Stewart
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Comedy Central's 'Lil Bush' Heads To Iraq
This is pretty funny.  Lil Condi is so cute.

Lil Bush, Lil Rummy And Lil Satan
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Spike Jones - The Sheik of Araby
I love these old Spike Jones pieces and that wonderful vintage cartoon sound.

Spike Jones Vocalist Singing The Sheik of Araby
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