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Taiso Yoshitoshi

Taiso Yoshitoshi [Bio 18391892]
I have blogged Yoshitoshi before, but yesterday I went to an exhibit of his 100 of his woodblock prints at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, and I was very impressed.  It was great to see his colorful artwork close up and read the curator's comments describing each illustration.  Unlike his famous Ukiyo-e counterparts, who focused mainly on scenery (Hiroshige and Hokusai) or beauties (Utamaro), Yoshitoshi's depicted some the strangest folktales and characters from Japanese history.

Three of my "odd" favorites from this exhibit were "Shortsighted Old Man And Ineffectual Ghost", which was a parody of the great Hiroshige, Jiraiya the magician riding a toad in "Jiraiya Distributes Stolen Goods Among The Poor" and Saito Oniwakamaru and the (Red) Carp.  Yoshitoshi, who was the last great Ukiyo-e artist, was also one of Japan's first western style newspaper illustrators, and his influence still lives on today in Japanese manga (comics) and anime (animated movies).  BTW, Iga no Tsubone (below) was my favorite at the museum.

Mount Yoshino Midnight-moon:
Iga no Tsubone (1885-92)

Selected Images

Cooling off at Shij (1885) The Bodhidharma (1887)
The Father of Zen Buddhism
The Ghost (1886)


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