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The Art Of Anders Zorn

Anders Zorn [Bio] 1860-1920
I really love the color and composition this Swedish realist's oil paintings and watercolors. His nudes, in particular, are very beautify and show a wonderful, sensuous rendering of the female figure in natural settings.  In his work, you can also see the influence of Japonisme.  See also Lotus Green's blog for more information on Japonisme.  What I tried to do here is compile my favorite and largest examples of Zorn's work available online.  If you know of a better or other archives, please let me know.

Le Tub (1888)

Image Archives:

Selected Prints:

Here are the available images that I thought were exceptional.

Karleksnymf (1885)
[A Love Nymph]


Froknarna Salomon (1888)
[The misses Salomon]


En premiär (1888)


Les Baigneuses (1889)
[The Bathers]
Les Demoiselles Schwartz (1889) Reflexer (1889)

Kvinna som klär sig (1893)
[Woman Dressing]

Helga (1917) Ateljéidyll (1918)
[Studio idyll]

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