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Venus, But Not In Blue Jeans

In my Internet travels as an avid art blogger, I noticed the image of Venus appearing over and over again in my searches.  So I figured I I'd Google "Venus Art" and see what kind of images I would find.  This article is summary review of the images that I found in chronological order.

It all started sometime in the stone age with the fascinating fertility sculpture called The Venus of Willendorf.  It looks like plump Goddesses were in style then as they were in Titian's and Rubens' time.

Venus was the enhanced Roman version of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.  The Venus cult started are 293 BCE, and her images were displayed throughout the Roman empire, including this masterpiece from Pompeii.

During the Renaissance, when Europe had "discovered" the Greek classics from the Arabs of Andalusia, there was blossoming of non-religious art based on the popular Greek and Roman legends, and especially Venus, who represented a more humanistic celebration of life on earth.  From that time, there have been numerous renditions of the goddess and the nude female figure was reborn.

My favorite Venus, which is also one of my favorite works of art of all time, is the Birth of Venus by Botticelli.  It stands out like a life affirming beacon even today.

Birth of Venus by Botticelli (1485)

In addition to Botticelli above, here are a few other Venus paintings that I think are exceptional too.  Although it's hard to choose, because there are so many great paintings out there.  Each time I look at Titian's Venus Anadyomene for example, it keeps looking better to me.

Sleeping Venus by Giorgione (1501)

It interesting to note how "beauty" changes from period to period.  Botticelli's Venus would meet 20th century ideals.  Whereas the sturdy lasses of Titian, Rubens and Kustodiev, would seem rather chunky compared to the modern boney Paris Hilton image.

The Russian Venus Boris by Kustodiev (1825-26)

I thought Bouguereau's and Rosetti's works were also outstanding.

The beautiful image below was completed in 1943 by Bavarian artist Sepp Hilz right before he was sent to the Eastern Front.  Just Kidding about the latter part. 

Bavarian Country Venus by Hilz (1943)

I've always liked Dali's sardonic version of the goddess - Venus del Milo with Drawers, which I have juxtaposed with Sailor Venus my favorite Senshi from the animated series Sailor Moon.

I think Botero's Venus is simply wonderful.  Also, like Titian's Venus, Botero's looks better to me with each glance.  What a babe!

Venus By Botero

Johnny Meah's Anatomical Venus is quite a hoot.

Anatomical Venus By Johnny Meah

The last image that I found on Google that I liked was the little Venus Fairy by Jinx Avila.

Venus Fairy by Jinx Avila

Well, that was fun!  Let me know what your favorite Venus is.

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