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Green Zone Acres

IWR DVD Review - The Lincoln Group released on Tuesday the complete fourth season of their popular Iraqi propaganda sitcom series Green Zone Acres on DVD.

Green Zone Acres features George Bush as Oliver Wendell Douglas, a rich and successful New York attorney who is acting on his lifelong dream to be a dairy goat farmer, and Tony Blair as Lisa Douglas, his glamorous Hungarian wife, who is dragged unwillingly from the privileged city life she adores to a Spartan life on a rickety farm in the middle of the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Much of the humor of the series derived from the easily-frustrated, megalomaniac, obsessive and short-fused Oliver's attempts to make sense of the stupid war that he started based on his own dubious and paranoid assumptions.

The series also stars Karl Rove as a pig named Arnold Ziffel, who is Oliver's political consultant, Dick Cheney as the conniving junk salesman Mr. Haney, and Donald Rumsfeld as the clueless county agent Hank Kimball.



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