Joe "Tippecanoe" Lieberman - Parody News Cartoon

Tippecanoe And Lieberman Too!

DUCKBILL, NJ (IWR News Parody) - Senator Joe Lieberman announced to a room full of sleeping reporters on Tuesday that he will be running for president as the Whig candidate in 2008.   Lieberman said that his campaign slogan will be "Tippecanoe and Lieberman too".  Mr. Lieberman was nicknamed "Tippecanoe" by his peers when he was Boy Scout.  Lieberman never made it beyond Tenderfoot because on his juvenile antics.  "Joe always used to tip and rock the canoe back and forth whenever our scout troop went on camping trips.  He was real twerp.  Funny, how people like Tippecanoe never quite grow up.  He's still doing the same thing in the Democratic party today by continuing to support the worst president in history," said Lieberman's former scout leader Bill Paisley.



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