Senator Bill Frist - Parody News Cartoon

The Cat Slasher

WASHINGTON (IWR NEWS Satire) - Rupert Murdoch today announced the planned release of his new Republican Summer gore movie starring Senator Bill Frist as himself.  Mr. Frist plays the dimwitted McCarthyite Senate Majority Leader from Tennessee. Mr. Frist goes out of his way to squash dissent or any accountability for the Republican controlled Congress and especially for the failed presidency of George W. Bush. Those who dare to challenge Frist's stranglehold on the country are dealt with severely by the Bill's alter ego the Cat Slasher.  This black caped devil in the middle of the night chops the kitty cats of the terrorist traitors with his axe of doom into a puree of blood, guts and fur balls.

Inspiration: Frist on Feingold: ‘I Was Hoping Deep Inside That Iran Was Not Listening’
And Bill Frist medical school experiments controversy



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