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Bush Bankruptcy Plan Gathers Momentum

CENTIPEDE, NB  (IWR News Satire) - President Bush today said that his plan to bankrupt America is gathering substantial momentum, and he is confident that America will by broke by the end of his second term, unless of course he is impeached before then for illegal wiretapping.

"It is clear now that my Bush Doctrine, my neoconservative philosophy, my phony war on terrorism and my political capital with the American people are all now bankrupt. 

You can say what you want about my presidency, but no one can say that I have been inconsistent.

In fact, the only thing not bankrupt is the federal government itself despite my record deficit spending.

I therefore pledge to the American people that I will bankrupt this here government before the end of my term in 2009," said Mr. Bush to the stunned crowd pre-screened Bushbots.



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