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Bush Denies Taking "Smart Pills"

WASHINGTON (IWR News Satire) - President Bush this morning on Face The Nation denied that he was taking "smarty pills" when asked by host Bob Schieffer if Mr. Bush was taking ginkgo biloba supplements.

"I guess not. I can't even pronounce those Mexican words.

Look Bob, the American people didn't elect me because I am brainy guy like Clinton.

They elected me because I'm a crazy goddamn Texan, who they thought would scare bejesus out of Osama bin Laden and his pals.

Unfortunately, those damn Arabs don't scare so well.  In hind sight, it looks like the only people I really scared were Iraqi barbers, senior citizens and environmentalists.

In fact, it turns out that those damn terrorists love my failed foreign policies and hope we change the constitution so I can serve another four years!

It's too bad those evil guys are still not on our our payroll, then, we could threaten to outsource their jobs to India if they didn't behave.  Ha Ha!

Anyway, to answer your original question, I figure it would be a betrayal to the voters, if all of a sudden, I started taking smarty pills and then balanced the budget and pulled the troops out of Iraq," said Mr. Bush to a stunned Bob Schieffer, whose mouth was wide open.



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