Pope Benedict XVI "Ratzo" - Parody News Cartoon

Pope Asks Poor To Dig Deeper
To Support His Gaudy Lifestyle

VATICAN CITY (IWR News Parody) - Pope Benedict XVI today asked world's poor to dig down a little deeper to support his gaudy lifestyle.

"I just want to make sure that everyone understands my dogma and not confuse it with the compassion and tolerance embedded in Vatican II. 

Reaching out to other religions is strictly verboten for example.  I mean, what could be learned by those Asian devil religions like Buddhism and Hinduism anyway?

Besides, what would people think if I paraded around half naked like that ill clad Dali Lama fellow?  Where does he buy his clothes anyway, at Sears?

Remember, don't confuse me or my Cardinal chums with those crazy monks, who take their vow of poverty seriously.

It is important that Catholics understand that their religion is the only true path to salvation, and that the best measure of its success is the shameless opulent lifestyle exhibited by our Church hierarchy.

Sure millions of people may be starving or dying of AIDS, but what is more important in our religion is style not substance.

You wouldn't expect the Pope to have silk Elvis paintings in his Vatican apartment, now would you? 

By the way, I could use a few more Botticelli and Titian paintings in my powder room!

How could we honestly expect to continue as the opiate of the people without the competitive edge that our ostentatious 15th century Vatican Disneyland provides us," said Pope Benedict rhetorically.



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