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Karl Rove's 2006 GOP Campaign Playbook

WASHINGTON (IWR News Parody) -  IWR Investigative reporter Seymour Weekly obtained from sources inside the White House a copy of Karl Rove's Official 2006 GOP Campaign Playbook.  The playbook (below) contains several slides which show what the GOP midterm campaign strategy should be like for 2006.

Slide 1

Slide 1  Notes  In 2006, the GOP really needs to play up the lottery logic inherent in the Republican Pyramid and Ponzi scheme message.  Of course, the real odds are nil that anyone in the middle class would actually break after wage deflation and entitlement cuts.  So, we need to continue to play on people's greed that somehow they too can be wealthy oligarch if only they vote Republican in 2006.

Slide 2

Slide 2  Notes  The GOP also needs to take advantage of the typical religious right voter's innate tendency to be drawn towards our subliminal message of self-punishment.  This is especially true as our core supporters continue to see their piece of the economic pie shrink into crumbs.  Here's an example of the mindset that we need to continue to exploit: "Oh! I must have  offended the Lord.  That's why I not a millionaire yet.  If I vote against gay marriage, perhaps Jesus will make me the winning contestant on American Idol."

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