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President Bush Issues First State Holy Cards

WASHINGTON (IWR Parody News) - President Bush today issued what he called the Official State Holy Cards.

Mr. Bush said that the government needs to recognize those individuals  whose moral values have served as a beacon for all of us to follow in these troubled times.

"To those of you who say that Church and State need to be separate, I phooey on you!  When the rapture comes, you blasphemers will get your just deserts!

It's high time we recognized the Republican innovators of our new modern self-serving and empty moral values!

In keeping with this administration's goals for rewarding incompetence and moronity, I hereby issue in the name of the following moral leaders an Official State Holy Card:

Dick Cheney

Jeff Gannon

Rush Limbaugh

Ann Coulter

Bill Bennett

Please join me in applauding the recipients," the president then rubbed his hands on Dick Cheney and Jeff Gannon's bald heads for good luck.



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