George W. Bush - News Parody Cartoon

Bush Plan Would Send Senior Citizens
To The Glue Factory

WASHINGTON (IWR News Parody) - President Bush today introduced his bold new Social Security fix that would require dependent seniors to report to The Glue Factory upon reaching the age of 75.

"This is the same cost efficient way that we cull our horses in Texas when they get too long in the tooth.

Think of all the money we would save on Socialist Security.

Heh, heh, that's what Karl calls it.

According to John Snow, I'd be able to fully fund my private retirement account pyramid scheme without even raising taxes!

It's win-win situation for everybody! 

Well, almost everybody anyway.

What do those old folks have to look forward too anyway? 

Cat food and constipation?

Heh, heh," said Mr. Bush, who then pounded his chest like a pantomime gorilla.



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