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George W. Bush - News Parody Cartoon

In His Mind, He Knows He's Right

CARBUNCLE, TX (IWR News Parody) - President Bush's chief political advisor Karl Rove announced the 83rd Bush campaign slogan today:

In His Mind, He Knows He's Right.

"First, I would like to thank the kind people of Carbuncle for their hospitality.  We especially enjoyed the cockroach Olympics.  Let's hear a round of applause for these guys!

But now, back to the subject at hand...

We really think we nailed our slogan it this time.

We had the whole damn brain trust working overtime on this one. 

I mean, we had Dick Cheney, James Baker, Annie Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Bert, Pat Robertson, Tom Delay, Roger Ailes and even Reverend Moon!

We almost went with 'A Mind - A Terrible Thing To Waste', but Annie pointed out that some people might think we were talking about some colored guy like Alan Keyes instead of Dubya.

And then, Tom Delay suggested we go with 'This Is Your Brain on Drugs',  but I pointed out to the Moonie Man that people would think we were talking about Rush Limbaugh.  So that's why we went with Bert's idea.  I think he lifted it from Barry Goldwater or something," said Rove to reporters. 


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What a comedic genius!

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