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George W. Bush - News Parody Cartoon

Bush Throws Temper Tantrum In Iowa

DAVENPORT, IW (IWR News Parody) - A frustrated President Bush had an ugly temper tantrum today in Davenport, Iowa after he found out that John Kerry was drawing crowds much larger than his was. 

Mr. Bush started crying on stage, threw bales of hay and then spit mouthfuls of raw corn at the professional leather-lunged screamers pretending to be part of his enthusiastic audience.

The frustrated President then shouted: "How come that dumb old Lurch has bigger crowds than I do?  It's not friggin' fair Karl.  Boo Hoo!  It's not fair I say!  I thought you said Rupert Murdock was gonna to fix everything, damnit!

How was I supposed to know I'd lose so many stinking jobs, outsourcing would be so unpopular, there would no damn WMD in Irack or Rummy was going to torture every Arab and his camel in the Mideast?

And why does everybody refer to this as the Psycho Presidency when you've told me several times that we've finally turned the damn corner?"

The sobbing George Bush was then lead away by Karl Rove to the campaign tour bus, where Rove tanned the Presidents hide with his belt.


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