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IWR Photo Cartoon - Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld Agrees To Be Character Witness
For Saddam Hussein

BAGHDAD (IWR Parody News) - Saddam Hussein made a surprise announcement at his arraignment today in Baghdad that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has agreed to testify as a character witness for the former dictator.  "Rummy and me go way back to the 80's when I used to get bags of money from the US companies that he represented," said Saddam pointing his finger. 

"Saddam was always gentleman and not so well known, quite a proficient accordion player. He always treated me like a king when I ever I visited him in Iraq in the 1980's, and Saddam promises me that he'll keep our little meetings secret as long as I testify for him.  Besides, we still haven't any of those WMD, now have we," said Secretary Rumsfeld to Washington reporters.


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