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IWR Photo Cartoon - George W. Bush

Bush Says Iraq Interim Leaders
'Technically' Not Puppets

WASHINGTON (IWR News Parody) - President Bush in a rare Rose Garden news conference said that the new interim Iraq leaders appointed today were "technically not puppets", but really more like those "friendly Muppets guys". 

"I mean you just wanna grab a hold of one of those pudgy little suckers and give him big hug and then a kiss on his bald greasy head.

In that way, they're a lot like Cheney. He's like a wind up automaton of the gas and oil industry. You know, like that little monkey that plays the cymbals that I have on my desk in the Oval Office.

Shoot.  I've even heard that some folks have called me Karl Rove's puppet, but that kind of talk don't bother me none, then again, I don't read newspapers cause my doctor said it gives me hypertension, whatever the heck that is," said Mr. Bush. 


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