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IWR Photo Cartoon - George W. Bush

Bush Displays Erratic Behavior At G8 Summit

SAVANNAH, GA (IWR News Parody) - According to participants at the G8 Summit, President Bush displayed many shocking signs that he is suffering from an acute mental disorder.  Mr. Bush, for example, attempted to play bumper cars with the world's leaders in his golf cart.  He also threatened to have Rummy's goons torture Gerhard Schroeder for not kissing his hand like Mr. Schroeder did to Laura Bush.

Even Mr. Bush's strongest ally, Tony Blair said that he had never seen the president looked so disturbed.  "I saw him talking by himself near a palm tree, and at first thought he was on a cell phone, but he was really just talking to the damn tree about Kerry's lead in the pools," said Blair.  French President Jacques Chirac also said, "I had always thought Mr. Bush was a 'la tÍte de bout' (a butthead), but I never knew zat he was, how you say 'as crazy as a shithouse rat!'."


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